Hello traveler 3326


Welcome to a new world, the world of three states.

Nikolay Brusentsov published in 1994 in Origins of informatics words about the lost past: “The third value (Aristotle named it snmbebhkoV – attendant) what is very actual but hidden in binary logic, will become obvious and direct manipulated. Ternary logic has better accordance with the Nature and human informal thinking.”

About Nikolay Brusentsov [1925 – 2014]

We invite you to read some articles by Art Blue where the three-state logic is in focus. Check out in rez Magazine as KWAZZZ, A possible you.

Here comes a short part where BAL3 is in focus and when Boris Brejcha – Angel In The Sky is called.

I use Balanced Ternary, the BAL3 coding to reach an Angel in the Sky to manifest. Let me call for the Minimal Angel Boris Brejcha. This is the code I am sending 1T.T0TT01TT0T10TT11T0011T10011 … It is an infinite quantum code, because I want that the dance of the Angel never ends. The formula I use to create the sequence in BAL3 is: