“We are going to AMERIKA.” Amerika is a village in Germany where this saying is taken from. AMERIKA.ART is an immersive art event. AMERIKA.ICU stands for: I see you in Amerika at the ACTUAL VIRTUAL REALITY Conference, the AVR DAYS 2022 in the Amerika Museum where we will talk about the future, where we plan the first Afterlife Dev Conference 2027. This all needs different pages and formats.


But also things have to start somewhere, right? Watch the announcement that happened at the OSCC20 on December 5th, 2020. There it was stated: “We are going to Amerika. This was the call many of our ancestors followed and it is again to become the call. Let us give this call a voice. [You will hear, “We all living in Amerika. Amerika ist wunderbar.” ….] You heard Rammstein is singing: Amerika ist wunderbar. America is wonderful. We have this kind of a wonderful America for you. It is called AMERIKA.ART — Amerika Art is the new format for an immersive art show. It happens in virtual and in the real place, the village Amerika, Germany. Let us look at this place in the way Google calls Actual Reality. Then the concept of the immersive Art challenge will be outlined. It leads to a new term for the arts: Actual Virtual Reality and to a come together at the AVRDays 2022. The call for AMERIKA.ART starts in January 2021 and the presentation, the Grand Opening, will happen in May and June 2022.”