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Who we are. What we collect.

We collect no data. No Google Analytics are used. Before you do a posting, check the WordPress features. We also don’t do any verifications. You may use as name President John and provide us — along with your creative written comment — with a fair email so we can invite you to give a keynote speech at the First Afterlife Dev Conference. Don’t use — that’s the real president’s office of the 50th President of the United States of Amerika. Why is it not Truman Burbank or Guy Montag and why you write Amerika and not America? Google for it and you may find out.

We provide a fair website address, that you can use for your comments —

IMPRINT: V. i. S. d. P. Reiner Schneeberger, Dorfstr. 14, DE 04416 Markkleeberg, +49 1712077087