BAL3 is a content box that started 20 years ago as HELLO CONTENT. Content has moved from websites to social media, to the Hypergrid, to the Metaverse. Duality and FAKE NEWS have become the new dogma, misleading our brains, making it hard to switch, to change once being matched into criteria-based groups. BAL3 will mostly link to other sites where you find more so BAL3 might not give you a final answer. Follow the given tips and you will get closer to what you seek. When you find yourself linked-in to BAL3 then it mostly will have to do with some interdisciplinary stuff: Art, Technology, History and Coding. In other words to themes you find in THE GODS OF INFORMATICS. This book deals with codes. ERVARE is such a code to decipher. BAL3 uploads content to THE ARCHIVE to keep the memories over time alive.